Renewal Application Form Checklist

  1. The HCRA will notify you of your renewal due date 60 days before your licence is set to expire. You may begin your renewal application upon receipt of this notice. A second reminder will be issued 30 days prior to license expiry.
  2. Create or log in to your account on the HCRA’s Builder Portal.

    Builder Portal
  3. Fill in the renewal application form.
    Please read the application carefully, as it includes some new requirements such as information on interested persons associated with the application.
  4. Ensure all applicable documents are included with the application.
    • Completed renewal application form
    • Supporting information relating to self-declaration questions (if applicable)
    • Articles of Amendment (if applicable)
    • Notice of Change of Directors and Officers (if applicable)
    • CV for new officers/directors/principals (if applicable)
  5. Submit completed application and documentation.
  6. Pay the $500 licence renewal fee.
Refer to the Renewal Form Instructions for more detailed instructions.
Refer to the FAQ for Builders and Vendors for more details on the application process.