Maintaining Your Home

Many builders provide a homeowner's manual that details the construction and maintenance of the home at the Pre-delivery Inspection

. This includes information and warranties by manufacturers of specific products used in the home, such as exterior siding, appliances and floor tiles. If your builder does not supply a manual, ask them for tips about maintaining your home.

why is home maintenance important?

It’s your responsibility to keep up on the maintenance of your new home. It’s also a very good idea. First, you have made a major investment and proper maintenance of your new home will keep it in good condition. Second, proper maintenance is a prerequisite for certain warranty claims - should you have the need to pursue any warranty claims with your builder, or work through Tarion to secure statutory warranty coverage.

home maintenance checklists

For more detailed home maintenance checklists for each of Ontario’s four seasons, please refer to Tarion’s home maintenance checklists for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. These checklists include a monthly breakdown of items for inspection, and a regular schedule of check-ups and clean-ups. Pay particular attention to the moisture level inside the home. Both excess and inadequate levels of humidity can pose problems. Please see Avoiding Moisture Damage for tips on maintaining proper humidity levels.