Steps in the Home Buyer's Journey

Step 4 Before Move In, Inspect & Learn

Before you take possession of your new home, your builder is required to conduct a new home orientation meeting, sometimes referred to as a PDI. When the home is very close to completion, your builder will invite you to tour the home and learn about its functions and features. It is also an opportunity for your builder to educate you about how to operate and maintain all the elements of your home. At this meeting, you should have all your questions answered and any outstanding items should be discussed with your builder and put on a list to be completed.

To prepare for the PDI, you can access Tarion's website .

Expectations at the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

The Pre-Delivery Inspection is a very important step in the new home buying process, as it is likely the first opportunity to view your nearly-completed home.
Your builder will guide you through a comprehensive tour of the home and will demonstrate how to operate the home’s systems such as the ventilation, plumbing and heating and explain their proper maintenance. Any items that are damaged, missing or not operating properly should be noted by the builder’s representative. This is important because this will be the first official record of any damages that occurred during construction, as opposed to something that may happen after you move in. When the PDI meeting is completed, you will be asked by the builder’s representative to review and sign the PDI Form.