New Application Form Checklist

  1. Visit the HCRA website to confirm that you meet the required definitions and criteria, including competency requirements, course completion, external checks and financial responsibility.
  2. Create an account on the HCRA’s Builder Portal.

    Builder Portal
  3. Submit the required information, referring to the detailed instructions for further direction if needed.

    All Applicants:

    • Completed application form
    • Licensing fees
    • Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (if providing originals)
    • Current financial statement of applicant or recent Corporate Tax Return including Schedules 100,125,141
    • Insurance coverages for Architects and Engineers holding competencies (for Type C/D Condo only where applicable)
    • Master Business Licence filed with the Government of Ontario (if applicable)
    • Bankruptcy discharge papers (if applicable)
    • Supporting information relating to attestation questions (if applicable)
    • Copy of Declarant Agreement (for Condo only where applicable)
    • Descriptive outline/chart of business structure
    • Business plan (including executive summary for the applicant, after sales service policy, list of contractors/trades to be used)


    • Corporate profile report
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Articles of Amendment (if applicable)
    • Shareholder Register (if applicable)
    • Shareholder Agreement (if applicable)
    • Initial Return/Notice of Change in Directors and Officers of the applicant (if applicable)
    • CV for principals, officers, directors and interested persons

    Partnerships or Joint Ventures:

    • Limited Partnership Agreement
    • Limited Partnership Report
    • Declaration Form 3 under Limited Partnerships Act
    • Articles of Incorporation for General Partner (if applicable)
    • CV for partners and interested persons
  4. Submit completed application.
  5. Pay licensing fees.
Refer to the New Application Form Instructions for more detailed instructions.