Steps in the Home Buyer's Journey

Step 2 Choose a Licensed Builder

Builders should not only be held accountable for well-constructed homes, but they also should make sure their customers are supported throughout the entire home buying process.

Talk to Your Builder

Deciding on buying your new home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. You should meet the person or people who you will be placing your trust and confidence in to build your new home.

Search the Ontario Builder Directory

As a prospective home buyer, it is important to search the Ontario Builder Directory to ensure the builder you are considering working with is licensed to build homes in Ontario. This directory provides a 10-year history for all licensed builders, as well as those who are no longer licensed to build homes. If your builder is not listed, it may be for many reasons including not passing the technical test based on the Ontario Building Code regulations, or not providing the financial securities mandated to build homes in Ontario – and they are building illegally.

Ontario Builder Directory (OBD)

Confirm That the Builder is Licensed

If you are visiting a sales centre or speaking directly with the builder, it’s important to ask if they are licensed by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority. You can also ask to see the builder’s licence.

deciding on a builder
what you should know

Before you make your final decision to work with a licensed builder, your research and conversations should give you an understanding of the following information:

  • The neighbourhood that the builder is working to build.
  • Design of the individual home (including the parts of the design that are optional).
  • Services that the builder provides throughout the home-buying process, including after you make the purchase, during construction, and before you move-in.
  • When your home will be ready.
  • Warranties that are provided by the builder, and backstopped by Tarion.
  • The home-buying process.

Please be aware that, as part of the licensing requirements for home building in Ontario, builders must demonstrate that they have the technical competencies to be able to deliver quality product and service to consumers. One of the competencies that builders must demonstrate is customer service; the HCRA ensures that licensed builders are trained and able to deliver a high standard of customer service to home buyers.